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Beauty Secrets Revealed! #iwokeuplikethis


We are all obsessed with DIYs, sometimes they come out amazing, other times maybe we should have left it to a professional. I want to share with you these super model's secrets to shiny hair and amazing skin. Go ahead and glow into the summer months.

Top models like Martha Hunt, Petra Nemcova, Jasmine Tookes, Lily Aldridge, Liu Wen, and Anna Ewers swear by these tried and true DIYs that they have been doing for years. Sometimes shiny hair and luminous skin start with whats in your cabinet. Between salon visits and our favorite products there are some natural at home remedies to help enhance our beauty routine. They won't mess with your color, they work in combination with the products you are already using and they won't break the bank. These are some quick fixes for dry hair and dull skin!

1-  Egg white and rosemary oil hair mask

Combine 2 egg whites with 3-4 tablespoons of rosemary oil. Why does this work? The protein in egg whites nourish your roots and can stimulate hair growth. They are filled with fatty acids, potassium, and vitamins to give the hair a glossy shine and heal damaged strands. Rosemary has been used for ages to help stimulate hair growth. This is a winning combination for beautiful hair!

2- Manuka honey face wash

Dampen your face and cleanse with this in the morning. Its antibacterial and plumps the skin.

3- Ice facial

Each night before you go to bed ice your face. It sounds cold but it keeps your pores tight and you wake up with the most perfect completion and that is truly cool.

4- Coconut oil body scrub 

Mix 1 part coconut oil with 2 parts brown sugar. This gently removes the dead skin and gives you a glow to make J-lo jealous.

5- Egg white facial mask 

Use raw egg whites directly on the skin. As i talked about before egg whites are packed with protein and fatty acids that lift, firm, and give luminosity.

6- Beer hair mask

Party on! Rinse your hair with beer, after you shower add a little bit for shine and volume but dry immediately afterwards or it will smell. Model Anna Ewers says she swears by it and that it actually works. I believe her, check out her hair it always looks amazing! 


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If you have been wondering what to do with your hair this is it!


With all the Cochella vibes coming from the west coast and the 70's style making a strong comeback this season at fashion week it seems only right that a more "free spirited" haircut would emerge as a trend.

The Shag is back and better then ever, people and celebrities are starting to sport this iconic look from coast to coast. This was a style in the past once reserved for people with shorter hair, now in spring 2015 we are seeing this style push the boundaries and take shape in all different hair lengths. 



For longer hair I recommend lots of medium length tousled layers and a heavy fringe. This will give your hair lots of body and texture, and will give you that sexy late 60's vibe with a touch of rock and roll.


For medium hair I would go for textured shorter layers. I would add some shorter face framing pieces which you can either part as a side bang or rock a middle part giving you the Farrah Fawcett effortless texture and style.


For shorter hair less is more. Rough up the blunt bob you are sporting with some shattered longer layers through the crown and a long heavy fringe. This will take your chic style to a new level and really spice up your look to keep your short hair on trend.

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